Marseille, France

18 > 20.3.2022 + 21 > 23.3.2022 | Marseille, France

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18M8L landed in Marseille, in order to visit KLAP Maison Pour la Danse

18.03 > preparatory meeting in order to share the result of the previous visit in Lausanne and to set the methodology;

19.03 > meeting with local professional and artists (main topics: the transmission of the artistic project and the ‘freedom of expression’; social mission of places; status of artists; artistic legacy);

20.03 >  follow up: how to imagine a long term collaborative model among Italian artists and companies.

two encounters/workshops with the students of Campus Issa Samb within the project Sup de Sub, with Cristina Kristal Rizzo (TIR Danza) and Salvo Lombardo (Chiasma)

Section curated by

Damien Modolo

Damien Modolo is curator and producer of Marco D’Agostin’s work since 2019. He worked as promoter for Alessandro Sciarroni’s until 2021 and currently directs, with artist Cosimo Terlizzi, Lamia Santolina, research centre and medicinal garden in Carovigno (Puglia).

Salvo Lombardo

He is a performer, choreographer and director. His research focuses on the cracks between dance, theatre and visual arts. He works and makes artefacts in the performing and artistic field together with his work group called Chiasma, which has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture as a production company for the under-35 dance scene.

Marco D'Agostin

Marco D’Agostin is an artist active in the field of dance and performance. His works question with insistency the themes of memory, extinction, entertaining. They tour in Europe since 2010 and have been acknowledged nationally (UBU Award, Premio Gd’A, Premio Prospettiva Danza, Premio Scenario) and internationally (BEFestival, (Re)connaissance, MasDanza, Aerowaves).

Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Cristina Kristal Rizzo is a dance maker and artist based in Florence. Along with her artistic production she has developed an intense activity of conferences, workshops, theoretical writings and mentoring. Cofounder of the collective Kinkaleri, since 2008 she undertook an autonomous career of production and experimental choreography, converging her body research towards a theoretical reflection with a strong dynamic impact.

Fabritia D'Intino

Fabritia D’Intino is a dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rome) and ArtEZ (Arnhem, NL). Her activity includes stage performances, public space interventions, participatory projects and research formats. She is part of the companies Chiasma (Rome) and CATSANDSNAILS (Lille).