Tipperary, Ireland

5 > 10.10.2021 | Tipperary, Clonmel

Round Table

artists + producers

A Round Table of discussion on the topics of: internationalization, sustainability within the dance landscape, a share of practices, visions and actions between dancers, producers, organizators and different professional figures within the ecosystem of contemporary dance.

Discussed topics:

  • how artists/producers perceive the dance ecosystem + how to feel supported / which are the needs;
  • living through a pandemic in the field of permorming arts + how did things change;
  • internationality & locality + how to build a thriving community.

Moderator: Silvia Albanese; with: Francesca Foscarini, Nicola Galli, Carlotta Garlanda, Federica Giuliano, John Ashford, Bernard Baumgarten, Jazmin Chiodi, Louise Costelloe, Alexandre Iseli, Ingrid Kalka, Laurie Uprichard.

the dance ecosystem

diary of the visit

A partnership born from a digital experience: Silvia Albanese and Jazmin Chiodi, former director of Tipperary Dance International Festival and now artistic director of Dublin Dance Festival, met in spring 2020 on Zoom thanks to The Foyer, a digital format created by Silvia Albanese with John Ashford during the digital edition of Springback Forward 2020.
TIR Danza decided to involve Tipperary Dance International Festival as a partner in 18M8L project, to nourish the relation and enhance possible exchanges and live dialogues as well. This action took place from 5 to 10 October and was built in dialogue with Alexandre Iseli, now artistic director of Tipperary Dance International Festival. TIR Danza invited VAN to share the contents of this visit together. The artists involved were Francesca Foscarini, who presented her solo ANIMALE with Romain Guion and Nicola Galli who lead a masterclass for young Irish dancers. The producers involved from the 2 companies were Silvia Albanese and Federica Giuliano. Unfortunately Francesca Foscarini couldn’t travel to Ireland, because of the vaccination mandatory in Ireland, so Romain Guion was the artist involved for VAN: he lead a masterclass as well to the same target.
Tipperary Dance International Festival is a small international and peripherical reality in the south-west of Ireland, that took place in Tipperary County.

and program

In a very welcoming festival environment, the visiting artists and producers spent almost 1 week and different things happened:

06.10 > Masterclass by Nicola Galli
07.10 > ANIMALE | double bill programme with Tanzanweisungen by Moritz Ostruschnjak
08.10 > 18M8L > hybrid round table (live + online with the support of The Foyer) a professional encounter between 18M8L partners, local and invited professionals
08.10 > Masterclass by Romain Guion
09.10 > Spotlight Ireland Forum

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Section curated by

Silvia Albanese

Silvia Albanese is a creative producer, semiologist and communication strategist. She collaborates with artists, festivals, theaters and networks in the field of contemporary dance, performance and research theater. In her practice of development and creation of projects she combines strategic and productive skills with humanistic and relational ones, encouraging the creation of new “on-life and on-line” formats in the local and international contexts.

Nicola Galli

Nicola Galli works on body research, stated in artistic pieces and devices that ranges from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphics. In his works, the body become the irradiate core of the artistic research which focuses on analytical exploration of movement as a part of different knowledges. Contextually to artistic research, he creates and manages educational workshops dedicated to children, adults and young dancers.

Francesca Foscarini

Francesca Foscarini is an Italian dancer, choreographer and teacher. Her research and poetic focus on the relation between physicality and states of mind and she is particularly interested in exploring the presence of the performer on stage in relation with the audience. In 2018 she won the Danza&Danza Prize as emergent choreographer and the Positano Prize as Dancer of the Year on the Contemporary Scene in 2015.

Federica Giuliano

Federica Giuliano is specialized in management of professional dance and theater companies. She currently works for SOTTERRANEO, theater company of Florence, the contemporary dance collective VAN of Bologna, the social theater company Nerval Teatro of Ravenna, the BRIGATA theater of the Livorno and the ZOO tango society of Udine.