18M8L proposes to reinvent the concept of mobility itself, transforming it into a new style of residency. It is considered as an ability to endure and to anchor around places and people. The Visits will become an occasion to explore contexts and to create connections with the local communities and professionals.

The goal is to activate possobilities of knowledge sharing, in a mutual exchange within the different places where the project will be hosted; to experiment and research in a co-creation between the Italian artists and the European partners, and between artists themselves.

18M8L propone di reinventare il concetto stesso di mobilità, riconvertendola in una nuova forma di stanzialità, intesa come una capacità di permanenza e ancoraggio con i luoghi e le persone. I viaggi saranno dunque delle Visite, ovvero uno spazio e un tempo dedicati a esplorare contesti e creare connessioni con le comunità e l* professionist* locali.
L'obiettivo è quello di attivare dei meccanismi di conoscenza e di scambio anfibio con i luoghi, sperimentare forme di ricerca che si basino sulla co-progettazione fra artist* italian* e partner ospitanti, e fra l* artist* italian* stess* durante le visite.

Tipperary, Ireland

TIR Danza and Collettivo VAN visiting Tipperary Dance

Barcelona, Spain

All Italian partners visiting SAT! in collaboration with ALIANSAT 21 and DANSAT festival

Lausanne, Switzerland

mk/KLm and VAN visiting Théâtre Sevelin 36

Marseille, France

Tir Danza and VAN visiting KLAP Maison pour la danse + Tir Danza and Chiasma for project Sup de Sub

Köln, Germany

mk/KLm, Spellbound and TIR Danza visiting ehrenfeldstudios e.V. in collaboration with incompany

Bruxelles, Belgium / Amsterdam, Netherlands

mk/KLm, Chiasma, Spellbound visiting Herengracht 401 (H401)

Birmingham, England

mk/KLM and Chiasma visiting BE festival

Leipzig, Germany

More information coming soon!


Digital worktables and workshops that promote an international dialogue