Birmingham, England

mk/KLm and Chiasma visiting BE festival

8 > 11.06.2022 Birmingham, England (UK)

box agenda

18M8L arrives in Birmingham, in the frame of BE festival for the presentation of Garden State by Fabrice Mazliah, a durational installation presented on the Main Stage at the Midlands Arts Centre, an event space where everyone is able to enjoy a range of free activities, from yoga sessions, workshops, to meals, talks, performances and concerts.

8.06 > Carlotta Garlanda and Salvo Lombardo take part in the talk Legacy and opportunity answering to the questions: “are other models to collaborate internationally possible? Can we break the traditional relationship established in past models leaving the leadership to big organisations, can we work at another scale, does it have to be lead by programmers or managers, can it be lead by artists?”

9.06 > festival activities (talks and shows)

10-11.06 > Piscina Mirabilis #an eternally rising state

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“[…] Piscina Mirabilis creates a time, a duration and therefore a place where to carefully manipulate
this extroversion and physical articulation of oneself, with the only certainty of being surrounded
by the same potential of other bodies, in a soft cohabitation always aware of the environment in
which it evolves.
Arbitrary nonchalance of a physical intensity not yet programmable […]”

courtesy of BE festival / Garden State – photo credit: Jonny Fuller-Rowell

Section curated by

Carlotta Garlanda

Carlotta Garlanda is a cultural manager and project designer for the performing arts. She is a strategic consultant for cultural organizations and lecturer in Eu project design. She is the general manager of MK dance company and co-founder and board member of social enterprise, aimed at the internationalization of the cultural sector.

Andrea Dionisi

A versatile dancer, he approached street dance by chance during his adolescence. This led him, following a path of discovery and broadening his knowledge of dance in general, to train professionally at the “Balletto di Toscana” school and to attend various workshops and training seminars. In 2013 he obtained his first job engagement that would introduce him to the Italian dance scene, meeting several choreographers, companies and festivals. Since 2014 he has been collaborating in Michele di Stefano’s MK group. 

Philippe Barbut

He studied various styles of contemporary dance since 1980, became a two-year scholarship holder at the école Nationale du Cirque Fratellini / Paris in 1982. Performing arts professional since 1984: movement actor with La Gaia Scienza / Compagnia Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, dancer with other groups and companies. In 1993 he became a massophysiotherapist and later pranotherapist. Since 2000 he has been a stable member of the MK group. At the same time, he has worked as a dancer and teaches soft and postural gymnastics as well as contemporary dance.

Salvo Lombardo

He is a performer, choreographer and director. His research focuses on the cracks between dance, theatre and visual arts. He works and makes artefacts in the performing and artistic field together with his work group called Chiasma, which has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture as a production company for the under-35 dance scene.