Leipzig, Germany

25 > 31.07.2022 | Leipzig, Germany

report of the visit


What I discovered was a new look on the project 18M8L, some new aspects of strength I didn’t realize before. This happened thanks to the look of the local professionals we met […]. This was very relevant to me, as it showed me something I didn’t expect. The co-design of the activities of this week together brought our partner in Leipzig to enhance their local relation with the dance scene in Leipzig.

(written by Silvia Albanese)


and agenda

25.07 > arrival 

26.07 > visited Schaubühne Lindenfels  + LOFFT – DAS THEATER + Clara-Zetkin-Park for the exhibition MAYTOWN IN ZETKIN PARK

27.07 > warm up in the Ballsaal/Schaubühne Cristina + salvo + Elena Francalanci + gfzk.leipzig 

28.07 > round table on the choreographer’s work: “how do we work and how we would like to work, an utopian perspective on production”, with Elena Francalanci, Ildikó Tóth

29.07 > artists’ talk (Cristina Rizzo + Salvo Lombardo) and finissage party of the exhibition MAYTOWN IN ZETKIN PARK, moderated by Julia Asperska

30.07 > visited 4fürTANZ + Glasfabrik + Spinnerei Summer party

31.07 > departure

«Art shows you something else»


The feeling that everything
is going toward an end,
It’s a chance to evolve as humans:
We have to be ready to abandon.
We have to achieve
a way to share.
Live together
is the core of our time.
Art shows you something else.
It opens again
the space
to play
to test
to fail

our playlist

Section curated by

Salvo Lombardo

He is a performer, choreographer and director. His research focuses on the cracks between dance, theatre and visual arts. He works and makes artefacts in the performing and artistic field together with his work group called Chiasma, which has been acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture as a production company for the under-35 dance scene.

Kenji Paisley Hortensia

Kenji Parsley Hortensia was born in Arpajon (France) in a family from Martinique and Guadaoupe, he is 22 years old and lives in Marseille, giving Hip Hop classes and producing his own music. He began his artistic career after the baccalaureat, participating to the artistic Campus Sup de Sub in Marseille. Within this contest he met Cristina Kristal Rizzo and was invited to dance in her production TOCCARE the white dance. [photo: Andrea Macchia]

Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Cristina Kristal Rizzo is a dance maker and artist based in Florence. Along with her artistic production she has developed an intense activity of conferences, workshops, theoretical writings and mentoring. Cofounder of the collective Kinkaleri, since 2008 she undertook an autonomous career of production and experimental choreography, converging her body research towards a theoretical reflection with a strong dynamic impact.

Silvia Albanese

Silvia Albanese is a creative producer, semiologist and communication strategist. She collaborates with artists, festivals, theaters and networks in the field of contemporary dance, performance and research theater. In her practice of development and creation of projects she combines strategic and productive skills with humanistic and relational ones, encouraging the creation of new “on-life and on-line” formats in the local and international contexts.