Lausanne, Switzerland

14 > 16.3.2022 | Lausanne, Switzerland

report of the visit

Before the visit, we sent a message to the producers we would have met in Lausanne:

«What does it mean to consider a show, a festival, an encounter or a project “empty”? To make it an object free from definitions except the ones that are produced by the thought of its existence BEFORE and AFTER? […]

You could do the same thing with the body, and define it through what it was and what it will be […] »

and program

18M8L landed in Lausanne, thanks to the collaboration with Théâtre Sevelin 36

14.3 > preparatory meeting among the Italian partners in order to define the methodology (‘rules of the game’) to be applied to the encounter and discussion with Swiss professionals and artists the day after
15.3 > dialogues and exchange with local professionals and artists
16.3 > follow up of the contents faced the day before and visit to Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne

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Section curated by

Damien Modolo

Damien Modolo is curator and producer of Marco D’Agostin’s work since 2019. He worked as promoter for Alessandro Sciarroni’s until 2021 and currently directs, with artist Cosimo Terlizzi, Lamia Santolina, research centre and medicinal garden in Carovigno (Puglia).

Marco D'Agostin

Marco D’Agostin is an artist active in the field of dance and performance. His works question with insistency the themes of memory, extinction, entertaining. They tour in Europe since 2010 and have been acknowledged nationally (UBU Award, Premio Gd’A, Premio Prospettiva Danza, Premio Scenario) and internationally (BEFestival, (Re)connaissance, MasDanza, Aerowaves).

Michele Di Stefano

Michele Di Stefano, Silver Lion of the Venice Biennale for dance innovation (2014), participates with mk to the most relevant festivals of the Italian and foreign scene. His performance Bermudas received the UBU Prize as Best Italian dance production. He is dance advisor for Teatro di Roma and creator of the festival format BUFFALO. He is author for UbuLibri and Quodlibet and currently dance mentor for Anghiari Dance Hub.


Carlotta Garlanda

Carlotta Garlanda is a cultural manager and project designer for the performing arts. She is a strategic consultant for cultural organizations and lecturer in Eu project design. She is the general manager of mk dance company and co-founder and board member of social enterprise, aimed at the internationalization of the cultural sector.